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Virtual Kiltwalk 2021

Coronavirus restrictions have cancelled the usual Kiltwalks so it is being held as a virtual event. Participants can choose several options - including cycling.

Map with route

The Firth of Tay loop

David and Mike will cycle around the River Tay Estuary from Dundee to Perth and back again. They will do this twice on separate days. A total of over 100 miles with some substantial climbs on route.

Spending the money

Donations will be used to support FONSA's charitable priorities. Supporting students is a primary concern with a special emphasis on those studying nursing and midwifery. Planting olive trees remains a high priority because of the increasing threat of land being taken by settlers.

50% donation boost!

Thanks to the Hunter Foundation, all donations get a 50% bonus. So for every £100 raised FONSA will be receiving £150. This is a great way to donate.

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