Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas

Supporting Palestinian development in and around Nablus

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FONSA is a Charitable Trust created to alleviate poverty and further education in Nablus and its surrounding areas.

Nablus is an important city in the West Bank and was the cultural and commercial capital of Palestine. The surrounding villages are mainly rural relying on their crops and animals. Education, businesses and agriculture have been severely affected by the occupation. There is high unemployment and endemic poverty.

Our Background

The trustees have had links with Nablus for many years through city twinning contacts. They have been offered amazing hospitality there and witnessed a lot of hardship. So they decided to set up this Trust.

How We Work

We are a small charitable organisation and we work together with local communities, listening to their needs and developing projects alongside them.
We are all volunteers and we have very few overheads which ensure the people and projects we support actually receive the money you donate.

What We Do

  • We support the education of young and mature students in a range of courses: plumbing, nursing, IT as well as university degrees.
  • We plant olive and fruit trees in vulnerable villages
  • We provide water tankers for remote villages.
  • We are always looking for new projects in response to local needs
  • We work with other charities and organisations on the ground

How Can You Help

Donate: It is your donations which can make a positive difference to the lives of people in Nablus. Please give whatever you can, whenever you can. We really appreciate a monthly commitment by standing order because it will help to fund a student through to the end of their course. All donations are appreciated and help the people of Nablus.

Volunteer: we are small charity and we are all volunteers. We need help in fundraising, admin. work and organising events. Email us at to discuss.