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Elder of Yanoun village watering a new olive tree (Elder watching)


These are the accounts for FONSA financial year 1st April 2016—31st March 2017. This is what we reported to our official regulator, OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator).

FONSA Trustees Annual Accounts 2016-17

Objectives and activities

Charitable purposes Relief of Poverty
Advancement of Education
Advancement of Citizenship
Summary of the main activities in relation to these objects Our focus has been on core projects where we can make a positive contribution to our charitable purposes. For education we support nursing students in Nablus, for relief of poverty we have planted trees and undertaken small projects in several villages. We seek to expand our fundraising to support these and other projects.

Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the financial period Some of our contributors have ended their involvement with the villages near Nablus they had previously supported. This is partly because of age and partly because of other commitments. We are seeking alternative partnerships but there has been a drop in income as a result.

Grants and donations were down while we reassessed what projects we could fund but we have made some significant contributions particularly in Yatma village.

Financial review

Brief statement on the charity's policy on reserves We do not keep reserves but we maintain sufficient funds to meet longer-term projects and seek to fund students until the end of their course (subject to satisfactory performance and continuing need).
Details of any deficit There was no deficit in the current year.
Donated facilities and services (if any) Our fundraisers have generously covered all their costs and therefore FONSA has received 100% of the donations made in support of their efforts. The trustees have not received any renumeration or expenses for their contributions to FONSA.

Financial Statement

Receipts and Payments

Receipts 2016-17 2015-16
Donations £5,074 £8,057
Legacies £0 £0
Grants £0 £0
Receipts from fundraising activities £0 £0
Gross trading receipts £0 £0
Investments £0 £0
Rent £0 £0
Other charitable activities £0 £0
Sale of assets or investments £0 £0
  Total receipts £5,074 £8,057
Payments 2016-17 2015-16
Expenses for fundraising activities £0 £0
Gross trading payments £0 £0
Investment management costs £0 £0
Payments relating directly to charitable activities £0 £0
Grants and donations £4,185 £6,342
Governance costs:
Audit / independent examination -
Preparation of annual accounts
Legal costs £0 £0
Other £0 £0
Purchase of assets or investments £0 £0
  Total payments £4,185 £6,342

Statement of Balances

Cash funds 2016-17 2015-16
Cash and bank balances at start of year £10,929 £6,793
Surplus/(deficit) shown on receipts and payments account £889 £4,136
Reconciliations £0 £0
  Cash balances £11,818 £10,929
Investments £0 £0
Other Assets £0 £0
Liabilities & Contingent Liabilities £0 £0

Independent Examiner

As required by OSCR, a more detailed version of these accounts and relevant bank statements were submitted to our Independent Examiner. He reviewed them and reported that he was satisfied.

The Annual Report, including the report from the Independent Examiner, was duly sent to OSCR as required by law.


FONSA is a small charitable trust formed to strengthen bonds between people supportive of Palestian human rights and the people of Nablus and its surrounding areas. It is based on friendship. It offers support in these times of need. A founding principle is to work with Palestinians to deliver projects which they have identified and support.

There are more details of our objectives and projects on these web pages.

FONSA was established to strengthen links with the people of Nablus and its surrounding areas.

The registered address of FONSA is:

9 Broad Street