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Boys of Madama at FONSA tree planting FONSA supporters at tree planting in Madama Handing over new IT kit for Yatma village

Gift Certificates for Ramadan

Planting Olive Trees in and around Nablus makes a great present for friends and relatives.

Gift Certificate for Ramadan
A FONSA olive tree Gift Certificate for Ramadan olive trees

For Ramadan or Eid Al-Fitr, please consider planting olive trees in Nablus for your friends and family. FONSA will print the certificates and post them for you.

Multiple certificates

If you are ordering more than one certificate please complete this Excel Spreadsheet and send it to

Excel spreadsheet
The FONSA ordering form for Ramadan

Single certificate

For a single certificate (or if you do not wish to use the spreadsheet) please email with the following information for each certificate:

  1. To:
  2. From:
  3. How many olive trees
  4. The name and address where the certificate will be posted

Sending your donation

The cost is £5 per olive tree plus £1 per certificate. Please include at least two olive trees per certificate.

Add up the cost: £5 per tree plus £1 for each certificate.

Please send the money to FONSA via Virgin Money Giving and we will plant olive trees on your behalf in villages in and around Nablus.

If you pay tax, giving Gift Aid costs you nothing but allows us to plant even more olive trees.