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About Nablus

Nablus is a major city in the northern part of the West Bank of Palestine. It also gives its name to the administrative area around the city which is the Governorate of Nablus.

There are about 150,000 people in Nablus city and a further ???? in the governorate.

Nablus city has a mayor - Ghassan Shaka'a - while Nablus governorate has a governor - Jabil Albakri.

Nablus city is a bustling commercial centre which acts as the main town for many surrounding villages but has also been the economic powerhouse of the West Bank. This role has been diminished by an Israeli siege of the city and the ongoing occupation. But Nablus is growing and developing once more.

There are hundreds of years of history in Nablus with many biblical, Roman and other colonial sites and artefacts.

Our main concern is with the present which sees Nablus still under a foreign military occupation for more than 40 years. Although there is a Palestinian administration, the Israeli military still come and go at will.

We find the population of Nablus to be keen for peace and many would accept almost any terms for peace because they are so disillusioned by the attempts to negotiate a fair and just outcome. Restrictions on movement, arrest of citizens, armed interventions and the constant uncertainty have taken their toll.

Despite this, the people show determination and live life as completely as they can. Family life and support is strong. Whenever possible people will celebrate and enjoy normal activities.

FONSA does not take a political position but does recognise the Palestian right to the same rights as all other citizens of the world. Our role is to assist the Palestinians to develop themselves and their economy as far as possible so that they can make best use of current and future opportunities to live a normal, productive and happy life.

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