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Welcome to our second newsletter

June 2009

Greetings to all our supporters!
Thank you for your continuing trust in our work, this is making a difference for many people in the Nablus area.

 Newsletter 2 on our website.

Recent Activities

Funding students in Nablus

March 2009

We financed 11 students to enrol for the International Computer Driving Licence course at the Amra Information Technology College in Nablus. Seven of the poorest students also had their travel fees paid, some having to travel from surrounding villages. AMRA students with their computers

We are pleased that all eleven students finished the course successfully in March 2009 and got their diplomas. AMRA students with their certificates

Yanoun School Bus

May 2009

Presentation of funds for Yanoun school busWe have carried on supporting the Yanoun school bus project. To keep the bus on the road we have paid for its MOT, insurance and repairs. The children of Yanoun will not have to walk an hour to school on unsafe roads. Yanoun is a little village 12 km South East of Nablus which is surrounded by Israeli settlements.

Current developments

10,000 Trees for Nablus- Plant Their Future

June 2009

Sketch of a bird on top of an olive tree The aim of this campaign is to raise enough funds to plant 10,000 olive and fruit trees on the land of the poorest villages around Nablus.  We are working with three organisations in Nablus and the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association.  Palestinian, Israeli and International volunteers have offered to plant the trees.

Please help by giving donations for this project. To plant one olive tree costs £4 - to plant one fruit tree costs £2.

Donations can be sent to FONSA at the address below. All on-line donations are currently being ascribed to this campaign (unless the donor advises otherwise).

So far we have had sufficient donations for well over 350 trees and the campaign has just started.

Future plans

An Daleeb Nursing College-Nablus

June 2009

We will be funding two female students in September 2009 for the Diploma of Nursing at the An Daleeb Nursing and Midwifery College in Nablus.  Nadiyah lives in the Balata refugee camp in Nablus and Salam is from Nablus city. The Nursing Diploma is 2 years long so we will need to raise money to support them over this period.

Al Quds Open University

June 2009

We are also planning to fund four students at Al Quds Open University who will be starting their courses this September.


How to Donate

The essential ingredient

We are pleased that we have had further donations and some more regular commitments by standing order. We particularly need these to fund the students whose courses last several years.

If you are able to give a regular donation you can find details of Standing Orders on our website. The form is included on our leaflet or you can download a larger version from our website at

You can also donate on-line (with a debit or credit card) at the FONSA page of the Charity Choice website. This is supported by the Cooperative Bank so it costs you nothing and costs us nothing. Some people have reported some difficulties with this service so we are considering a move to a new Virgin Money system which is due to start in the next month or so.

Please remember to tick the "Gift Aid" box if you are a UK taxpayer. It gives us an additional 28% income at no cost to you.

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