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Progress and upset

FONSA has been able to continue its valuable work during 2014 but it is impossible not to be distressed by the appalling images from Gaza.  Nablus was also affected by the events in Gaza with several Palestinians killed. We all long for an end to violence and for Human Rights to be fully respected throughout the region.  Meanwhile, FONSA is supporting students studying in Nablus, planting trees and working with local people to help out where we can.  Thank you for your continuing support.

New website and email

Improving communications

We have revised our website with a clearer style and updated pages.  There is more information about our activities and more pictures to illustrate our work.  We have also revised the email format to match.
You are welcome to let us know how we can improve our communications or comment on the email by contacting info@fonsa.org.uk

Student successes


One of the most important actions for FONSA is to support students through university.  We appreciate help from several donors who have sponsored particular students.  We are currently supporting 7 students in several disciplines.  The Nurses and Midwives have been a particular focus and one of them recently wrote to us: 

"I am now in the middle of my second semester for my third year. I feel great, we have an amazing course called nursing research, it is really fantastic. My group and I chose a very important subject that we noticed it in our hospitals while we were in our clinical practice, our research title is "Experience of pregnant women during vaginal examination in Labor Ward".

"We chose this subject because so many women and specially in our culture refuse vaginal examination and specially the one that is done by male health care practitioner, due to there cultural, religious, ethical believes, for example a woman told us that she consider it sexual harassment. From this point we started to notice things and finally we decided to do our research on this important problem . 
"At the end of this semester we will present our proposal to IRB (Institutional review board) and we hope to get their approval to start working on our project. I cant wait to tell the result. if we have the approval we will present it in the end of our first semester for the forth year. wish me luck. "
  Yours sincerely
This year was difficult for tree-planting because there was a drought during the normal time for planting
These are good sized trees, container grown and ready for planting
We've been planting trees in Ammouriya and Talfit villages while the weather was suitable
We also supplied a list of items required for the clinic in Yatma village

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