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Midwifery in Nablus

This is a letter from our recent student midwife - Saja Hayek. FONSA paid her University fees for the last years of her course. We are very pleased because she was an excellent student and will be a great benefit to Nablus and Palestine.


Midwife with baby

At the end of the past year, it was my last days at the bachelor’s level

Finally, I got a positive result for my tiredness [hard work], I went with a certificate, then I had started looking for an opportunity to work. In order to achieve more wishes and complete my masters degree, and offer a little financial support to my family, and this dream remains Under construction until now.

At this stage, I can only thank FONSA Foundation for its continuous support to the Palestinian student in particular, to develop their educational life and academic future so enhance their effectiveness in serving their community.

With more respect, I thank you for your support me in arriving this stage, as long as you continue your support for other students God bless you

Much respect

ps: I have attached photos of my graduation event

Saja Hayek

Graduation celebrations