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Student nurse outside An Najah University Faculty of Nursing The new University Teaching Hospital in Nablus Hospital trolleys at the new University Teaching Hospital in Nablus Dialysis machines at the new University Teaching Hospital in Nablus

Nurses and Midwives for Nablus

FONSA has been asked by An Najah National University in Nablus to support needy students who will be the professional nurses and midwives of the future. Palestine is short of modern medical specialities and needs more trained nurses to provide them.

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How much does it cost?

Each nurse or midwife studies two semesters a year for four years At £550 per semester (including registration fees) the whole course costs £4,200.

How can I help?

  • You can contribute however much you like.
  • Sponsor one or more students
  • Raise money for this project through a fundraising event
  • You can name your sponsorship after someone you love

How to donate

Your donations are much appreciated by the student nurses and midwives in Nablus.

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We really appreciate a standing order because it enables us to support a student through part or all of their course.

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Improving Medical Care in Palestine

Nablus is the commercial centre of Palestine and is home to An Najah National University, the largest in Palestine with some 20,000 students.

There is a growing need for specialist medical services in Palestine which currently lacks some of the more advanced treatments. Many patients have to travel abroad which delays treatment and is very expensive for them, their families and the Palestinian economy.

It would be far better to provide these specialist treatments within Palestine but this requires more and better trained doctors and nurses.

New Teaching Hospital

Nablus Teaching Hospital Nablus Teaching Hospital

So the University is developing a new teaching hospital in Nablus to complement its well-established medical school. It already trains 20-25 doctors each year and has recently established a Faculty of Nursing to train female and male nurses in medical specialisations. There is also a shortage of midwives so the faculty has enrolled 216 students in a new programme.

An Najah National University employs dedicated staff, using best teaching practice to produce outstanding students. It works with partners within Palestine and beyond to ensure that it develops graduates delivering modern high-quality medical services.

FONSA can help

FONSA has been asked to help by An Najah National University. We are keen to facilitate this important project by supporting students who lack the financial resources for their intensive four-year courses.

These are the essential nurses and midwives of Palestine who will be providing the skilled medical services that Palestinians need. So please donate now.

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