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Madama and Burin villages

Madama and Burin lie south of Nablus and fairly close together. They are affected by the settlements of Yizhar and Bracha. Incidents of settlers damaging village property are common and include destruction of olive trees.

Working in partnership with the Friends of Madama and Burin, FONSA has undertaken several projects in and around the villages of Madama and Burin.

Science Lab 2016

We were asked to buy some items to help the Madama Boys' School with much needed equipment for their science lab.

Picture of science items

Science items - microsope

Picture of science items

Science items - glassware

Picture of science items

Science items - microscope slides

Picture of science items

Science items - microsope

Picture of science items

Science items - meters


Cultural Centre 2015

During an invasion by the Israeli army, Burin's cultural centre suffered extensive damage. We are helping to make this centre usable again.

Science Lab 2014

Picture of science items bought for Madama Boys' School

Science items bought for Madama Boys' School

Maggie Foyer writes "During the olive harvest in 2013 we visited the Madama Boys’ School. The Headmaster Ayed Qot, told us that the school science lab lacked the necessary equipment to deliver the curriculum to get the boys their school leaving certificate, the tawhiji, in science. This in turn restricted their options for further study at University level.

We started a project to furnish the lab which was little more than an empty room at that stage. We have been working our way through Ayed’s list and are about two thirds there.

When we visited this October the school was undergoing a much needed refurbishment so much of the equipment was in wrappers waiting for its smart new home. We hope to complete this project in the next few months".


Madama Girls' School 2010

Girl playing table tennis

Table tennis equipment bought for the Girls' School

The girls' school requested several items which were supplied. In particular, they asked for table tennis equipment.


Classroom project - Madama Boys' School 2010

Picture of Madama Boys' School

Two new classrooms for Madama Boys' School

With growing pupil numbers the head teacher asked if an extra classroom could be built. Friends of Madama and Burin raised over £5,000 and FONSA organised the tendering and construction.

The work was successful and the school is now using the classroom.


TV project - Madama Boys' School 2010

Class of boys with teacher and new items

Class and teacher with TV, scanner and camera delivered by FONSA

At the request of the head teacher, a 42" TV, a scanner and a video camera were purchased and delivered to the school.