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FONSA response to Coronavirus in 2020

Following discussions with our advisors in Nablus, we have sent an immediate donation of £6,000 for food parcels, seeds and seedlings. This will help Palestinians to deal with loss of income and mobility during the Covid-19 lockdown.

You can support our work to help the people of Nablus through this crisis by giving a donation.

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Of our initial donation, about £2,000 will be spent on providing food parcels for people in need within Nablus.

Some of the £4,000 will be used to provide food parcels for needy villages around Nablus. The bulk of this funding is for those who have space to grow and tend their own crops. Seeds and small plants will be provided so that people can be more self-sufficient while jobs, studying and other normal occupations are suspended.

These are measures that we have been told are the best way for us to help at this time. Future donations will be spent after further advice and discussion with those in Nablus who can best guide us to make effective use of our funds.

The Shabab Elabald campaign

Our campaign is called "Shabab Elabald" and is being implementd by the Witness Centre who are our main partners in Nablus. We have been advised by Mr. Ghassan Daghlas the Governorate of Nablus; his visits to the villages gives him unparalleled knowledge of their needs. You will often find Ghassan's reports of incursions and attacks on these village in international media.

Over 50 boxes of food have been distributed to needy people in Nablus.

For the villages we are distributing 70 boxes each one with 100 agricultural seedlings.

  • 20 boxes for Madama and Burin villages
  • 10 boxes for Awarta village
  • 15 boxes for Asira village
  • 15 boxes for An Naqura and Deir Sharaf villages
  • 10 boxes for Burqa and BeetMreen villages

Monthly donations

We have funded most of the £6,000 from donations which generous donors provide each month through standing orders. We really appreciate this because it helps us to manage our work in Nablus and its villages.

If you can help us, please donate here. We use VirginMoneyGiving because they are not-for-profit with low charges.

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