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Older projects

FONSA has carried out many other projects and this page lists some of them.

Water Tankers

Approximately 220 towns and villages in the West Bank are not connected to the water grid and have to find ways to provide water to their inhabitants. Read more ...

Water Pump for Khirbit Twayil

We have provided the people in this remote and threatened area with a water pump to help the farmer to draw the water from the Roman wells. The pump helps the people to have the water easier by saving their time, and physical efforts when using the traditional methods. People in Twayil are happy for that and they find their life much easier before they received the pump. They can have the water for their house uses and for their animals.

Classroom (library) for Maa’dama boys’ school

In co-operation with Friends of Maa’dama in the UK, we have built a classroom for Maa’dama boys school by providing the funding and contracting with the contractor and facilitating all the construction process via our local partner in Nablus (Hayat Centre). They organised the bids, the contracts, the monitoring engineer, and monitored the expenses. The classroom is now in use and it is of great help for the school. Based on the same co-operation we also have provided some educational devices for the school which are now in use there.

Educational facilities for Maa’dam girls’ school

We have provided this school with educational facilities to be used by the academic staff in the school. Facilities such as LCD projector and scanner. The equipment is now in use, and the staff are happy about what we have provided as it affects the quality of the education.

Medical equipment for blind girls in Asira Al-Qibliyah

We provided advanced medical equipment for two sisters in this village who are suffering a serious problem with their vision. We bought equipment in the UK and two of our trustees, who were on a visit to Nablus, delivered it personally. The equipment was a great help for the two sisters especially for their studies at school.