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FONSA water tanker in Iraq Burin New FONSA water tanker for Burqa village with group of men Farmer and driver standing beside an older FONSA water tanker

When there is no well there is a way!

Water Tankers project

Why is FONSA buying water tankers for villages in the West Bank?

The shortage of water in Palestine and Israel is most acute in the West Bank and Gaza. Approximately 220 towns and villages in the West Bank are not connected to the water grid and have to find ways to provide water to their inhabitants. Palestinians are not allowed to dig wells without Israeli permission and some of their existing wells have been put out of bounds by the Israeli Army.

Houses collect rain water on their flat roofs, a drain hole in the roof allows the water to collect into a reservoir under the house. Some dig water holes and most Palestinians have to regularly buy water, usually from an Israeli company, which they have to ferry in tankers.

The illegal Israeli settlers implanted in the West Bank consume 280 litres per day per head compared to 86 liters for the Palestinians and not all of it is drinkable. The World Health Organisation recommends a minimum of a 100 litres per day per head. Settlers, now estimated at 250,000 are using more than double this amount whereas the Palestinians, 2.3 million in the West Bank, get nowhere near this minimum.

This is why FONSA has decided to respond to a request from Khirbet Twayel, a little hamlet of 20 families near the town of Aqraba, South East of Nablus.

This hamlet is a farming and shepherding community. It is situated in area C, as per the Oslo Accord of 1993, which means that they are under full Israeli military control. It has been declared a “closed military zone” by the Israeli Army and there are plans to evict the population. Some villagers have already received demolition orders on their houses. Twayel has no water wells. Water holes dug by the people are often destroyed by the Israeli Army, and they have one 3 cubic meter water tanker which collects water from Aqraba.

FONSA bought another water tanker for Twayel. This extra water tanker on wheels will reduce the cost of having to rent one and will provide the village with more water. We hope to carry on similar work in other villages with the help of your donations.

What we have done so far

We have so far bought 3 water tanks at a cost of £830 each. One for the hamlet of Twayel, 12 km SE of Nablus, one for the villages of Burqa and Buzaria to share between the farmers who are organized in a cooperative and one to the village of Iraq Burin.

We are getting more requests from other remote villages. Your donations can make this happen.