Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas

Supporting Palestinian development in and around Nablus

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FONSA Olive tree ready for planting Young boy in Yatma with tartan cap Israeli map showing land in Yatma to be confiscated Yatma planning meeting

Yatma village

Friends of Yatma have funded FONSA to make some small but highly significant changes in the village.

Support for the medical clinic in YATMA

Woman and man unpacking a new washing machine

New twin tub washing machine for Yatma clinic

In coordination with Friends of Yatma we are enabling the local clinic to support one particularly ill patient with essential equipment and transport.

Woman unpacking a new gas cooker

New gas cooker for Yatma clinic


Finishing a medical clinic in YATMA

New building in Yatma

Yatma Council offices which houses the village clinic

Friends of Yatma funded our project to provide the village medical clinic with construction materials and contractors to make it ready for use by the local residents.


Providing internet connection in Yatma

Sign above doorway labelled Mothers School Society

Yatma Mothers' School

In coordination with Friends of Yatma, we have provided a laptop and internet connection for the Mother’s school association in Yatma.

This has enabled the association to connect with similar organisations in other villages. Association staff have made use of the equipment and use it for educational and other purposes within the village.