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Boy holding a FONSA olive tree to be planted in Qusin village Planting olive trees FONSA Olive trees for planting in Qusin village Tractor carrying FONSA trees for planting in Yanoun village FONSA olive sapling protected by tyres in Twyel hamlet Man and Woman holding a FONSA olive tree ready for planting

10,000 trees for Nablus

Boy preparing to plant an olive tree
Young Palestinian planting a FONSA olive tree
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Latest news

Olive trees 2021

In January 2021 we planted 150 olive trees in the village of Madjal Bani Fadel, followed by another 150 olive trees in Beit Dajan.

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Olive trees 2020

In February 2020 we planted 300 olive trees in the villages of Huwara and Beita.

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Olive trees 2019

In February 2019 we planted 300 olive trees in the villages of Qusra and Al Lubban.

In Qusra, a recent attack by settlers had damaged a significant number of trees. So we were pleased to be able to help but offering some new saplings.

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Olive trees 2014

On 24th November 2014 we planted 50 olive trees in Yatma village. Added to all the previous ones, this means we have now planted over half our target of 10,000 trees for Nablus.

And the planting continues - on 4th January 2015 we planted 150 trees in Burin village taking the total number of trees funded by FONSA donors to 5,188.


Farmers overwhelmingly prefer olive to fruit trees so we will now only seek donations for olives. (Fruit trees will be removed from the website asap.)


The people of villages around Nablus stand to lose their lands if they are not farmed. FONSA is part of a project which is planting 10,000 trees in villages around Nablus in the Palestinian West Bank

The trees are planted in vulnerable areas where they are much needed by the villagers who warmly appreciate this help. Many of their existing trees and crops have been wilfully destroyed. Land is being taken for settlements roads, separation barrier and military zones. Olive and fruit trees are the traditional livelihood of this area.

Many families rely heavily on the harvest of olives and fruit but lack the money to increase their yield. Planting your new trees will provide them with a long-term livelihood and demonstrate support for their futures.

Donating Trees

To buy the trees and plant them costs:
£5 for each Olive Tree.

You can help by donating olive trees.

Any questions please email us at:

FONSA gift certificate
Olive tree gift certificate

Trees as a gift

You can donate a gift of trees for a friend or relative. We send you an attractive gift certificate (£1 each) which you can give them. It explains the project and why it is important for Palestine. Details are on our Gifts page.

Progress so far

Thanks to so many generous donations we have completed a first planting in all of our initial target villages and have included others (shown on the map in blue). These are: Yanoun, Khirbet Tana, Khirbet Twayel, Burin, Qusin, Deir Sharaf, Smeet, Deir El Hatab, Azmout, Burqa, Assira Al Qbliya and Madama.

Olive Trees   4,778 planted
Fruit Trees   410 planted
Total   5,188 planted

We have now planted in a second batch of villages (shown on the map in green): Iraq Burin, Awarta, Urif, Yatma.
And we will plant in these villages during the next planting season as donations come in: Dahya, As Sawiya, and Al Lubban.

Map showing villages where trees have been planted

The blue circles show villages where FONSA has already planted trees.
The green circles show villages where trees are planned.

Further information

For a good understanding of the impact of settlements on this area, a highly informative map is produced by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs. It shows the location of settlements and their size. You can then see how they encompass large areas of Palestinian land within the occupied Palestinian territories.