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Boy holding a FONSA olive tree to be planted in Qusin village Planting olive trees FONSA Olive trees for planting in Qusin village Tractor carrying FONSA trees for planting in Yanoun village FONSA olive sapling protected by tyres in Twyel hamlet Man and Woman holding a FONSA olive tree ready for planting

Trees for Palestine 2022

As part of the Trees for Palestine 2022 campaign, we are planting olive trees in partnership with the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association (DNTA) and with support from the Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network (BPFTN).

Olive tree planting
Planting olive trees in Beit Dajan 2021

Donating olive trees is an excellent Christmas or New Year gift to support Palestinian farming communities.

Olive trees

The importance of olives and olive trees to the Palestinian people cannot be exaggerated. Over 80,000 families in West Bank rely on olives and olive oil as their primary or secondary source of income. Olive trees carry more than economic significance; they are symbolic Palestinian attachment to their ancestral land.

The clearest expression of this is the annual olive harvest when families, friends and communities come together to harvest the olives.

The Threat

One million olive trees have been uprooted and cut down in occupied Palestine since 1967. A violation of international law, this wanton destruction by settlers, often aided by the Israeli military, has escalated in number and scale recently.

These systematic attacks are designed to drive Palestinian farmers from their land through relentless intimidation and violence. The uprooting of olive trees and the destruction of groves has caused tremendous losses to farmers, their families and communities, threatening their very survival.

Olive tree planting
FONSA olive tree planting in 2020

The Response

Despite the ongoing attacks, Palestinian farmers remain defiant by continuing to work their land and plant olive trees. For Palestinians, the olive is central to their identity, an identity rooted in the land of Palestine.

How we can help

By planting olive trees:

  • we can protect farmers livelihoods and food security
  • we can support farmers in their struggle against the illegal appropriation of their land
  • we can reduce environmental damage caused by the burning of trees by Israeli settlers

Help us reach our target of planting 1,000 olive trees

Each £5 donation will cover the cost of a young sapling, distribution, planting, nurturing and care for the tree. Trees will be planted by FONSA's partners in villages in and around Nablus.

FONSA's close relationship with the Palestinian farmers on the ground is essential because they tend and care for trees during their early years. Keep hope alive by planting olive trees in Palestine

Olive trees cost £5 each:
  £5 donation buys    1 olive tree
  £10 donation buys   2 olive trees
  £20 donation buys   4 olive trees
Larger donations buy one tree for every £5 donated

You can donate through any of the following:

Donate online by credit or debit card to FONSA

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Donate online with your debit or credit card through the Charities Aid Foundation.

Donate by Bank transfer to FONSA

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You can make a bank transfer directly to FONSA using our Donations Form which gives all necessary details and lets you declare Gift Aid if you are eligible.

Donate via cheque payable to FONSA

Please make your cheque payable to FONSA, and fill in and return our Donations Form which gives all necessary details and lets you declare Gift Aid if you are eligible.

Spread the Word

Please spread the word by sending details of this campaign to your friends and contacts. We'll be putting it on our website and on Facebook and Twitter.

“If the olive trees knew the hands that planted them, their oil would become tears.”- Mahmoud Darwish
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